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    Help Entrepreneurs Minimize Risks & build Great Companies

    Who We Mentor?

    Early Stage Startups + Startups with Tech Cofounders only + Startups no one wants to invest + Startups in the odd sectors = Our Niche



  • Our Core Values



    Build Great Companies.

    Build Great Culture.


    • Startups are not risky.
    • Entrepreneurship should be a zero risk outcome
    • 10 out of 10 startups should succeed.
    • Companies like countries often fail not because of external threats(Competition or Market) but due to their own shortcomings
    • Remove those shortcomings. 


    A Startup should:

    • Survive against all odds
    • Should be very resilient
    • Pay attention to every opportunity(& threat)
    • Grow Fast
    • Aim High, Really High
    • Carve its own Niche

    Become a Leader!

  • How We Help

    Access to a big Network of Advisers, Investors, Investment Analysts and Subject Experts through a Chief Mentor

    Our Unique Methodology

    Once you connect with us, you are assigned a Chief Mentor based on your requirements, domain and idea. The Chief Mentor is generally a person with diverse skill sets, varied working experiences and interests in broad areas. He will generally have a very good intuitive understanding of people. This Chief Mentor in turn takes timely advice from a group of Advisers again selected based on your domain and requirements. This ensures a filtered and well directed advise for your startup specially helpful in Early Stages. As the progress happens, Chief Mentor will also connect you with some of these individuals for a more specialised advise. He will also have an access to Investors for your fundraising requirement and also to Investment Advisers who will help you get the best deals in the market.

  • Who we Are?

    Our Rich Network of people been there and done that. People who have bootstrapped their startups to multimillion dollar businesses. People who raised funding and built great products. Or the very least people who have been early employees of highly successful startups.


    Zero Risks Team is energetic experienced and yet young heavily vested in the idea of entrepreneurship. We always envisioned an entrepreneurship revolution across the country. We believe we are in the process of one. We have set out to create a multiplier effect so that more and more individuals become entrepreneurs.


    Founded Successful Funded and BootStrapped Startups

    Early Employees

    Worked in early stage startups helping them scale


    Mentored individuals to become entrepreneurs

    Master Marketers

    Understand Customers and Markets deeply


    Involved with fundraising in many startups

    Smart Strategists

    We love to formulate strategies: for startups & countries

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